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13 Best Places to Buy Pretty Dresses Online

Truth be told, we all think we’re dress experts, and we are – in a certain way. But, aside from knowing what works best for our signature figure and style, we always need legit experts. You know, those who have studied fashion, fabric and style trends professionally. So, to balance our personal preferences with industry savvy, The List has teamed up with a few movers and shakers to offer advice regarding online dresses for women.

Holly Shapiro is Creative Director at Splendid and has 20 years of experience with brands such as Calyspo St. Barth, Haute Hippie and Gilt Groupe. One of the biggest takeaways from her insight was a reminder that pandemic-related inventory challenges play a big part in buying dresses online. “Breathe deeply,” she says. “Nowadays it’s hard to get any type of product, whether it’s groceries or clothes. If you see something and you like it, buy it now – don’t don’t wait!”

Plus, Jane Winchester Paradis took the time to provide some insight into the story. First of all, she wears a dress every day, so already we are in awe. But she also brings a wealth of experience – from vice president of Lily Pulitzer to her most recent venture as founder of Jane Win Jewelry. And, remember that mantra don’t wait mentioned by Holly Shapiro? Well, Paradis confirmed, “Given the current climate, retailers are simply not buying ‘deep’ and being conservative in their inventory.”

Similarly, Jenn Hirsch believes that “consumers are increasingly aware of their purchasing choices”. Hirsch is a female designer at Royal Robin and has over 10 years of experience, a degree in graphic design from the University of Denver and a BFA in fashion design from Savannah College of Art and Design. So, following his lead, we included online clothing stores that prioritize changing consumer demands, such as sustainability.

So, in the end, we’ve organized our online clothing store suggestions under categories that will help you find what you need quickly. And remember, those pretty dresses you accumulate in your online shopping cart may not be in stock as long as usual, so plan and splurge accordingly!