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Alien Hominid Invasion Confirmed For Switch, Has Online And Local Co-op

Invasion of alien hominids, a reimagining of The Behemoth’s original platform shooter, was confirmed for Switch after its reveal late last month. The announcement came on Twitter, where Behemoth released a new trailer ahead of the game’s playable presence at PAX East. The trailer is more than a little chaotic – check it out in the embedded tweet below for a taste of what we expect.

At the very end of the explosively exciting trailer, Invasion of alien hominids is confirmed for Xbox, Steam, and Switch. Responding to a confused fan, Behemoth said the PS4 was left out at first because it was a small team with limited resources, and even a simultaneous launch on three systems would stretch them.

In responses to the parents’ tweet, Behemoth also reiterated that local and online co-ops are planned to Invasion of alien hominids, but that we will have to wait for more details. Hopefully, part of this can be explained over the next few days at PAX.

Beyond a Switch version and cooperation, a Press release also a little more light on the acrobatic shooter. Co-op will work for up to four players, neighborhoods are obviously randomly generated, level progression is non-linear, and aliens can be upgraded and mutated with new powers and affinities.

Are you looking forward to Invasion of alien hominids? Are you going to pick it up on Switch? Do you think you will try the co-op? Let us know in the comments!

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