Alien hominid

Alien Hominid sequel from the original Castle Crashers developers

The Behemoth, the independent team of genius behind Castle Crashers and Pit People, brings back the long-dead Alien Hominid franchise with a new trailer.

Almost two decades after the initial release of the first game, Extraterrestrial hominid Finally gets a sequel to The Behemoth, the developers of both the original title and the popular Castle crashers, one of the best multiplayer games to play at a party. The indie squad doesn’t seem quite ready to show off the gameplay just yet, but their cartoonish irreverence is more hilarious than ever in the game’s trailer.

Extraterrestrial hominid was a wacky wave-based side-scroller that helped bring the mainstream gaming market into both indie gaming as a concept and into what would become The Behemoth’s trademark style. Although ported to PS2 and GameCube in 2004 and added to Xbox Live Arcade in 2007, it was originally released online for free by Newgrounds founder Tom Fulp and artist Dan Paladin in 2002. Throughout that decade, Newgrounds was the first creative breeding ground from which many independent developers, artists and more got their start, including the likes of Super Meat Boy Game Grumps creator Edmund McMillen and Arin Hanson. Of course, that also spawned The Behemoth. The people of the pit, their most recent title, received mixed reviews, but by far their most popular title is Castle crashers, which has a PS4 port just last year.

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Still with the same quirky zeal, The Behemoth released a trailer for Alien Hominid: Invasion to Youtube, an unexpected successor to the original. There’s not much to say about the little the team has shown so far, but it looks like the titular Alien Hominid will once again take on some blocky G-men as they attempt to foil his antics. aliens. This time around, however, the yellow alien menace won’t be alone on Earth, as the trailer features a multi-colored crowd of alien hominids following the original’s path. While it’s unclear how the hominid species will help or hinder players in the full game, the lucky entrants from PAX East and EGX Rezzed will obviously be the first to see what Alien Hominid: Invasion has in store.

In an age when online storefronts are suffocating far too many small development teams into bankruptcy with heaps of overrepresented AAA blockbusters and nebulous clouds of vaporware, announcements like this are a nice reminder that this past decade in independent play will not be the end of an era. It’s exciting to see an independent studio like The Behemoth continue to realize their unique vision in the gaming world in 2020. It’s unclear when the next one will be. Extraterrestrial hominid could happen to current or next-gen consoles, but that probably won’t be too far away depending on how The Behemoth has been fairly consistent release over the years.

In fact, the golden age of independent development may be in full swing, as this blast of the past is flanked by many of this year’s most exciting prospects. In the coming months, Potholing gets a long-awaited sequel, Disco Elysee is being updated with a free hardcore mode and the popular Rouge-lite / Metrodivania mashup title Dead cells gets its very first paid DLC expansion. It almost goes without saying that if Alien Hominid: Invasion ships in 2020, it’s going to be in good company.

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