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As the lockdown continues, no further discussions are scheduled

This is the first (of many) weekends without baseball news. It’s only been a few days, but it seems longer, doesn’t it? We have players changing their Twitter avatars to grayed out numbers, and MLB club sites say things like “Third Baseman Bobblehead Day”.

It appears that both sides have engaged in a protected battle. No further discussion is expected at this point, although there is speculation that MLB and MLBPA may find their way back to the bargaining table next week.

In an article by Ken Rosenthal published in athleticism, there are some interesting points about the average salaries of MLB players and their trajectory over the past few years. Rosenthal points out that the average major league salary has fallen 4.8% to just under $ 4.17 million on opening day since the start of the previous full season in 2019, and 6.4% since the start of the 2017 season, when it peaked at $ 4.45 million.

A few things to consider are that some well-paid players weren’t officially on the 2021 Opening Day rosters (Dustin Pedroia, Rough smell, and Jake odorizzi) and therefore not taken into account. If their income were accounted for, the drop from 2019 to 2021 would have been 4.2%. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, expanding the roster to 26 players in many cases added a low-paying player.

Jayson Stark, also in athleticism, explained that rule changes on the ground have not been, and may not be, part of the ongoing negotiations. We’ve heard about pitching clocks, robot referees, shift changes, and the “double hook” (if the starting pitcher gets pinched, the team loses their DH for the rest of the game). None of them is discussed or used as leverage in the labor dispute. Here is Commissioner Rob Manfred from the Stark article:

“Frankly,” said the commissioner, “based on the discussions at the table, we saw it (the rule changes) as another contentious issue and tried to put it aside in an effort to achieve a deal – on the theory that we could deal with it midway through the next deal.

This work stoppage primarily concerns, you guessed it, money. The union wants to find a way to increase the minimum wage and the players’ share of gaming revenue. The players at the top of the compensation totem are doing very well. Players see their middle and lower-level salaried brethren as in a hurry. They might be right.

The other main problem remains that of league-wide competition. New Met and union leader, Max Scherzer said he would not sign any new agreement that did not remove incentives from teams to ‘tank’ – that is, to enjoy their share of national income while maintaining a low payroll and ” winner ‘of the top picks.

So from a work point of view, the pace continues or does not, depending on the perspective. It is true that the real danger will occur around mid-January, when the start of spring training on time could be affected by the continued lockdown.

For now, let’s wait. We want baseball news. We want to see how Billy Eppler completes the Mets roster. But we can’t have any of these. At least we can look at the promotion schedule of various teams and see when “Starting Pitcher Replica Jersey Day” can be.

As the lockdown continues, no further discussions are scheduled