Alien hominid

Battleblock Theater, Castle Crashers, and Alien Hominid HD are part of Xbox LIVE’s The Behemoth sale

Battle Blocks Theater, Castle crashers and Alien Hominid HD are now available with up to 50% savings as part of the Behemoth Sale exclusively on Xbox LIVE Arcade. The new sale allows players to grab the independent developer’s entire collection of downloadable titles at a great price, and some additional content will be available for less than its regular price, including DLC ​​for Alien Hominid HD.

The first notable release of the Behemoth was Extraterrestrial hominid. Side scrolling shooter allowed players to team up and fight Secret Service agents, Russian soldiers and more while trying to fix a crashed alien spaceship and escape from Earth . Castle crashers is arguably the team’s most popular game for Xbox LIVE Arcade that has seen up to four players team up and compete against each other in a humorous version of the classic fantasy world in this great beat’em up of all time. Ultimately, Battle Blocks Theater released earlier this year to create one of the most entertaining co-op experiences ever, as players work together to advance puzzles, rescue their captured friends, and escape a dangerous island prison full of evil cats. Check out all of these great games as part of the Behemoth Sale starting today only on Xbox LIVE!

For more information on these games and more, check out the official website The Behemoth site.

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