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Best Tank Armor Sets for PvE Content in The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online has a very impressive collection of PVE content. With the exception of single-player arenas, most veteran content requires a tank to complete effectively, which is why many adventurers choose to focus on this role. It’s also just plain fun to play as a tank.

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Tanking in an MMO like The Elder Scrolls Online is tricky at first on all classes, although some classes are more difficult than others, like the Necromancer. But once you start learning the mechanics of each dungeon and trial, it becomes much easier. The most important thing for a tank is to have powerful item sets, which can both reduce damage taken and grant bonuses to everyone in your party during a battle.


ten Roar of Alkosh

Roar Of Alkosh is a useful set to have if your party DPS members have low penetration. This set deals a small amount of damage after using a synergy, but its most noticeable effect lowers the resistances of any enemy that takes damage from this set by up to 6000. The severity of resistances lost is based on the stats of weapon and spell damage.

Overall, the Roar Of Alkosh set will increase your party damage as long as their penetration is low, so it is necessary for certain party setups. You can earn a piece of the Roar Of Alkosh set when defeating a boss in the Maw Of Lorkhaj Trial on Normal or Veteran difficulty. You should equip Roar Of Alkosh on your trinkets and weapon slots as it is not a heavy armor set. Roar Of Alkosh also increases your weapon crit rating, weapon damage, and grants you a minor slayer.

9 plague doctor

Plague Doctor won’t increase your party damage or sustain at all, but it will greatly increase your survivability. Depending on the quality of your gear, Plague Doctor can increase your max health by 6,000, which is a huge boost. The four set bonuses you get with Plague Doctor increase your health.

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Plague Doctor drops by defeating world bosses and completing Dark Anchors in Deshaan, but it’s easiest to buy the Masterpieces from a Guild Merchant in one of The Elder Scrolls Online’s many cities or roads. The price will vary depending on the characteristics of the set.

8 The Drake Race

Ultimate abilities are key to completing veteran content in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Drake’s Rush set grants you and three other party members three additional ultimate points every 1.5 seconds for a total of 12 seconds. This effect will occur if you hit an enemy and it can only activate once every 18 seconds.

You can unlock scenery for the Drake’s Rush set by defeating bosses inside the Black Drake Villa dungeon on normal or veteran difficulty. Black Drake Villa is a DLC dungeon, so it’s hard for veterans, but easy for normals. The Drake’s Rush set also increases your maximum health and stamina.

seven Oath of Crimson Shore

The Crimson’s Oath Rive set can reduce the armor of enemies in your area by up to 3,541 when you use a poison that applies a minor or major buff ability, drink a potion, or cast a skill. Since this effect lasts for 15 seconds but can be reapplied every 12 seconds, you can essentially have this armor reduction at any time.

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The Dread Cellar dungeon is where the Crimson’s Oath Rive set drops after defeating bosses on Normal and Veteran difficulty. This set is easy to get, so it’s worth having in your arsenal if you plan on stockpiling a lot of PVE content. Additional armor and health are the other less notable bonuses in this set, but still useful.

6 Mighty Assault

If you’re near your teammates during a battle, the Mighty Assault set is invaluable as it grants five of your party members 307 Weapon and Spell Damage for ten seconds each time you cast an attack ability. assault, which will help increase your overall damage. However, you need to be within ten meters for this ability to hit your teammates, which is its main drawback.

You can purchase Mighty Assault Set pieces from Guild Merchants. Additionally, the Mighty Assault Set drops in the Imperial Sewers by purchasing boxes from Tel Var Merchants. When you land a Heavy Assault, you also gain additional health, stamina, and weapon and spell damage.

5 Saxhleel Champion

Saxhleel Champion rewards you for using an ultimate ability as it grants you and your party members 20% bonus critical damage. The duration lasts one second for every 15 points of your ability’s ultimate cost. The perfected version of the Saxhleel Champion set also increases your max stamina stat.

Defeating bosses inside the Rockgrove Trial is how you’ll earn Champion Saxhleel set pieces, but you’ll only get the perfected version if you defeat Rockgrove bosses on Veteran difficulty. It’s worth having the Saxhleel Champion set even if it’s not perfected. Additionally, you will gain a minor aegis, as well as magicka and stamina by wearing this set.

4 Eternal Warrior

Eternal Warrior is mainly useful for fights where a boss can reduce your health to less than 25% without shooting you. However, there are dozens of fights like this in The Elder Scrolls Online, so Eternal Warrior can come in handy if you need a set that can save you in a tight spot. Minor bonuses from this set grant you four percent more healing, extra health, and five percent less damage taken from enemy NPC attacks.

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Eternal Warrior grants you 9,370 health whenever your health drops below 25%, in addition to immediately giving you 100 ultimate. This ability can activate once per minute, so it can be used multiple times in the same fight. You can earn parts for the Eternal Warrior set after defeating bosses in the normal or veteran versions of the Aetherian Archive, Sanctum Ophidia, and Hel Ra Citadel trials.

3 Pearl Protection

Pearlescent Ward grants your team a significant damage boost if you wear all five pieces of this set. Its effect increases your party’s weapon and spell damage up to 180 while each player is alive. Additionally, each party member will gain up to 66% damage reduction when other party members are dead. For groups progressing through hardmode hits, the Pearlescent Ward set is fantastic.

You earn Pearlescent Ward Coins each time you defeat a boss in the Dreadsail Reef trial on any difficulty. However, the perfected version of Pearlescent Ward only drops in Veteran Dreadsail Reef, and it grants you extra health, so it’s worth collecting it if possible. You will also gain health, healing received, and minor aegis with this set.

2 rotating tide

Turning Tide is a set you can earn by defeating bosses in the Shipwright’s Regret dungeon. Each time you hit an enemy, you will send out a line of power, which deals a small amount of damage but also increases the enemy’s damage taken by ten percent for ten seconds.

While this effect only activates every 15 seconds, the massive damage boost you’ll get while it’s active is great and works well with most party setups. You can use the Turning Tide set in dungeon and trial groups to dramatically increase your party’s DPS. Another useful perk of the Turning Tide set is the extra max health and stamina.

1 Claw of Yolnahkriin

Claw Of Yolnahkriin is a set you can never go wrong wearing as it is easy to keep its effect active. Taunting an enemy causes your allies in the area to gain 215 Weapon and Spell Damage, which is a huge bonus to your DPS. When wearing the Yolnahkriin set, you also gain a minor aegis, extra health, and more stamina.

You can get Claw Of Yolnahkriin sets by defeating bosses in the Sunspire Trial. The perfected version grants you extra health while wearing it, and you can only earn these coins by defeating Sunspire bosses on Veteran difficulty. As such, the perfected version of Claw Of Yolnahkriin is harder to win than the standard version.

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