Alien hominid

Castle Crashers Dev Announces New Alien Hominid Game

The Behemoth, developers of indie action games like BattleBlock Theater and Castle Crashers, have announced that they are working on an all-new entry in the long-dormant Alien Hominid franchise.

Alien Hominid: Invasion is The Behemoth’s next project, the studio has confirmed with the brief 40-second trailer below. Invasion is not a prequel or sequel, nor a remaster or remake. The Behemoth, in a Q&A for developers, stated that Invasion is a new game in the Alien Hominid franchise. And yes, Alien Hominid: Invasion is cooperative. “Whenever you support The Behemoth, you support cooperative games,” the studio said. “We need more in the industry, and [we’re] so glad we can keep making them.”

Further details on Invasion are scarce, but The Behemoth has confirmed that it will be making an appearance at PAX East and EGX Rezzed with a playable Invasion demo available on both exhibit floors. PAX East runs February 27-March 1 in Boston, while EGX Rezzed runs March 26-28 in London.

In a blog post on the studio’s official website, The Behemoth confirmed that Alien Hominid: Invasion is currently in development for consoles and PC. A release date or window has yet to be announced.

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