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I thought I was done writing about Flappy Bird. Truly. I’m a little sick of hearing about it too.

But that… that’s something special. The creators of Canabalt and Super Hexagon – two much-loved games that helped launch the entire ‘simple but absurdly difficult’ category that Flappy Bird has taken to a whole new level of popularity – have each created entirely new games in homage to Flappy. Bird. These are not clones, they are tributes.

Terry Cavanagh best known for creating the titles oh-god-I’m-so-close-to-beat-that-give-me-five-more-minutes-more Super Hexagon and VVVVVV, call his homage Maverick bird. Take Super Hexagon’s graphic style, add a thunderous techno soundtrack and add a new element of control (dive) into the mix, and bam: Maverick Bird.

Adam Saltsman, the spirit behind Canabalt (one of the first great runners forever), pays tribute Flappybalt. Like Maverick Bird, it borrows graphic styles from its creator’s most popular game, but beyond that it’s a whole new experience. You are a bird, bouncing across a screen like a ping-pong ball, doing your best to avoid an ever-moving arrangement of spikes.

None of the games are particularly complex, but that’s not the point. These two games were created as part of the Flappy jam, a rapid development showcase meant entirely show love for Dong Nguyen and his game, in the face of pressure / intimidation / other circumstances that caused him to withdraw his game from the world. Or, as they say, because “independent gamedevs are friendly and supportive, envy and teasing should not belong to our community, nor be a cause of suffering.”

It’s like seeing your favorite artist paint in the style of the newcomer to the scene, as a sign of respect. It’s really pretty amazing to see these guys showing a little love like that.

You can find a tonne of these tributes on the Flappy Jam website.

[via The Verge]


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