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Visitors to the popular flash site, are probably more than familiar with its terrific side-scrolling shooter Extraterrestrial hominid. But for those of you who aren’t, you might want to take this into account, especially fans of classic 8- and 16-bit offerings like Metal slug and Contra; because his style of play is very much in the vein of these legendary titles.
What Extraterrestrial hominid sharing differently from Metal slug, however, is the fact that his acting is anchored in a more humorous world. Based on the premise that your main character crashed outside FBI headquarters, the game follows your goofy yellow cohorts as they escape the clutches of the Men in Black, Soviet UFO veterans, and mutated giant birds. Although not as fast as something like Gradius, it is always faster than its closest competitor, Metal slug. In fact, it plays out almost exactly like a faster version of SNK’s popular shooter.

If you were already playing the flash version of Extraterrestrial hominid, then you are going to enjoy it. As this new and bigger adaptation of the game has a brand new graphics engine, several additional levels, revamped environments and many other changes. For starters, enemy AI is much more aggressive – in fact, it’s extremely tough; and unless you have the reflexes to match, you are going to get your butt kicked several times. To help you out, your primary weapon can now be upgraded beyond that of a simple ray gun and has the ability to morph into things like cannons and several other undisclosed weapons via power-ups. Of course, you’ll also have the option of jumping, dodging, and biting the heads of your enemies, but the details of how everything is going to work are being kept a little under wraps.

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Another new feature that is sure to appeal to shooter fans is the incorporation of two-person simultaneous play. And while the exact number of modes, levels, and other such information that support both players has yet to be announced, the one level of action we were able to play with made sense. old school. It seems that the philosophy of the development team is essentially “fun for the sake of it”.

Needless to say we are in awe of Extraterrestrial hominid and his willingness to take risks. It might not be a huge 3D world like every other video game in the neighborhood, but it doesn’t have to be, as its retro run ‘n gun action seems to do the job well enough with its hand-drawn 2D presentation. hand. Not bad for a team of just 12 guys who seem to come out of nowhere.

We will come back with more on Extraterrestrial hominid in the coming months, as we approach the alleged 2004 release (however, it could be 2005 – nothing official has been announced). In the meantime, check out the first batch of screenshots taken from the console version located on our media page below.

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