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Frontiers’ Tower Defense game announced for Switch with release date


Three games in the bestseller Kingdom rush a series of tower defense games coming to Nintendo Switch, starting with 2013 Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, the second in the series.

In Kingdom rush games, players oversee a fantasy medieval map, which they must fill with towers, in order to protect the path to their base from ever-expanding enemy armies.

The first trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers describes console-exclusive features, including new enemies and tower upgrades. You will even have to deal with aliens at some point.

A combination of strategy and real-time construction, Kingdom rush players place mages, archers, barracks and artillery “towers” strategically around the map.

The original Kingdom rush was a free-to-play browser game, released in 2011, but the tower defense series exploded in the years that followed, gaining wide acclaim, spreading to tablets and even spawning the creation of a board game . The most recent game in the series is from 2018 Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

In “Kingdom Rush: Frontiers”, players must carefully balance multiple tower types to defend against different enemy units.
Ironhide Game Studio

The Nintendo Switch version’s abilities include attacks such as Reinforcements, Rain of Fire, Cold Wands, and Nuclear Weapons, which can be deployed in environments ranging from deserts to jungles, and even the underworld itself. The Switch version of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers will come with 16 heroes, which are powerful tank characters that can level up to gain new abilities as you use them. The remastered game will also include eight specialized tower upgrades, such as Crossbow Forts and Earthquake Machines, as well as over 80 achievements to test your mettle on three difficulty levels.

Other features announced to come in the Switch edition of Borders features 60 enemies (sandworms, tribal shamans, nomadic tribes, and “underground terrors” to name a few), boss battles, and three different game modes: Classic, Iron, and Heroic.

Ironhide also announced that Kingdom rush The gameplay, which was originally designed for PC and mobile gamers, has been optimized for Switch controller play.

“Prepare your tactics! This remastered version is more difficult than ever. But fear not! You will have the help of the hero and the tower of each frontier to help you on this perilous adventure,” said developer Ironhide Game Studio. , in the announcement of the Nintendo Switch port. “Prepare to guide your troops through an epic (mes) adventure as you defend exotic lands against dragons, man-eating plants and horrific inhabitants of the underworld, all with towers, levels , heroes and more to crush your enemies! “

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers will be available for the Switch in Nintendo eShop starting February 27, with pre-orders starting February 13. The two others Kingdom rush upcoming Nintendo Switch titles have yet to be announced.


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