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GTA Online vehicles to own in 2022

GTA Online and its vehicles are probably the most popular discussions among the player base. The immense variety offered often baffles players and confuses them.

Earning money in the game is quite difficult and things are very expensive. Add to that a vast array of bikes, cars, planes, helicopters, boats, submarines, and more, and it looks pretty daunting.

The title still sees old players returning, but lately a wave of new users have joined. The expanded and improved launch isn’t too far off either, so for starters, here are the must-have vehicles in the game.

Most Wanted GTA Online Vehicles of 2022

5) Nightshark HVY

The HVY Nightshark is an armored SUV in GTA Online and is very useful for free-roam and PvP. The latter has become an important part of the game, due to griefers hunting down innocent new players or AFK players.

The Nightshark is an incredible defense vehicle, a high-speed truck with front-mounted machine guns. Additionally, it can hold up to 27 homing missiles before being destroyed.

The vehicle can also accommodate four passengers, making the Nightshark one of the best free-roaming vehicles.

4) Patriot Mil-Spec

Mammoth’s Patriot Mil-Spec is the international symbol of self-importance, a boxy juggernaut that made the transition from military to civilian society by eschewing standard safety features in search of a more streamlined aesthetic and brutalAvailable now: rsg.ms/6599971 https://t.co/yKeuB3cyyu

The Contract DLC brought a lot of new content to the game. The Agency was another proprietary company added, which had a ton of benefits. One was the agency vehicle workshop (not like all the other workshops). The DLC also brought special cars like the Patriot Mil-Spec.

He’s no ordinary civilian commuter once outfitted with heavy armor plate and Imani Tech. This is Imani Tech’s most tanked vehicle. The vehicle can also be equipped with smooth proximity mines and machine guns.

The hard cover on the back also acts as a bulletproof, except for the partially bulletproof windows.

3) Oppressor MK 2

Yes, it's a rocket-powered flying bike (Image via Polygon)
Yes, it’s a rocket-powered flying bike (Image via Polygon)

Rockstar added a lot of futuristic items to GTA Online, and one of them was the Pegassi Oppressor MK 2. It entered the game via the Black Madonna Residency Week event, part of the Afterhours update on the 14th. August 2018.

It’s the favorite vehicle of Sorrows, but it’s still good for many other reasons, including mobility. The Oppressor MK 2 is probably the fastest way to get around the map.

Second, its missiles help players fend off griefers and do quick work on NPCs. This is probably the best vehicle for earning money in GTA Online.

2) Akula

The best helicopter in the game right now (Image via GTA Base)
The best helicopter in the game right now (Image via GTA Base)

There are many planes in GTA Online right now, and choosing one is quite tricky. These include fighter jets, fighter helicopters, fighter jets, etc. But there is only one Akula, who is unlike any other due to its usefulness.

For populous online lobbies, this is probably the best vehicle to own. The Akula houses three miniguns, homing rockets, and bomb bay doors. This makes the helicopter highly armed and it also has good defense.

But the best part about the Akula is that it can go unnoticed for free. With the click of a button, the helicopter blip disappears from the map and no other player can spot it.

1) Kosatka submarine

The Cayo Perico Heist update is probably one of the most beloved content expansions to date. He brought with him a whole new heist and a whole host of other things. The best component, aside from the heist, is by far the Kosatka sub. Players were surprised to see a usable, full-size submarine in GTA Online.

The halls are now full of Kosatka who were lying partially submerged on the map. Not only does the sub allow players to do the Cayo Perico Heist, but it also has many other uses.

For starters, it’s a great way to quickly navigate the map, and users can also use the helm to navigate it manually. Then there are the weapons, one of which is a guided cruise missile that they can control. The submarine’s periscope also includes a lockable torpedo launcher.

Finally, the Moon Pool upgrade in the submarine allows players to store a helicopter or a mini-submarine.

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