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How to Play 1v1 Online Matches in Multiverse

MultiVersus is an upcoming platform battler in the same vein as Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers. While feedback from players who participated in the alpha praised the 2v2 aspect of the game, as expected, that doesn’t mean you can’t challenge someone to a 1v1 fight, and this guide quick will tell you how to 1v1 in multiversus.

It’s actually very easy to play 1v1 in MultiVersus. The hardest thing about this is trying to avoid starting a 2v2 team match by mistake.

How to 1v1 in MultiVersus

  1. From the home screen, hover over and press the big “PLAY” button
  2. From the “ONLINE” tab, press “NORMAL”
  3. Choose the game mode “1 VS 1”
  4. Don’t forget to deselect “TEAMS”
  5. Press “CONFIRM” to start the match

Now why would you want to play 1 VS 1 game mode? Simple. To practice with your chosen character against someone else. It’s a little counter-intuitive compared to the way the game offers you to play it. It’s meant to be a 2v2 game and the characters are mostly balanced for team play. We wouldn’t want to play as a support class against a Bruiser or a Tank…but if your goal is to practice survivability, then that’s fine. The same goes for Mage/Ranging characters who prefer to keep their distance.

But hey, the option is there, feel free to use it however you want. At least the game offered the 1v1 option instead of insisting on someone being back all the time. Speaking of which, check out our article on all confirmed and leaked characters at MultiVersus.

Watch this video from Youtuber YourSixGaming where he shows us how to play local multiplayer in MultiVersus.