Alien hominid

Invasion of alien hominids announced by Castle Crashers Dev The Behemoth

castle breakers and extraterrestrial hominid Developer The Behemoth has announced their new game, Invasion of extraterrestrial hominids. The studio took to Twitch to reveal the game, making sure to build hype with a pre-announcement stream. This brand new entry is “not a remaster or remake”, with the studio claiming that the entire game was created from scratch, although a Tweeter later referred to the game as a “reimagining of extraterrestrial hominid HDwhich includes new “gameplay, progression, mechanics, and more”.

Watch the trailer for Invasion of extraterrestrial hominids downstairs.

Unsurprisingly, The Behemoth opted to stick with its signature comic book art style. What’s surprising, however, is that the team decided to revisit an IP that debuted on console around 15 years ago. This time, the studio’s little yellow alien sports a much cleaner art style.

Invasion of extraterrestrial hominids will be “significantly different” from the original, though loyal fans can rest assured the game won’t stray from its co-operative arcade shooter roots. Speaking on the importance of cooperative play, the team said: “We need more [co-op games] in the industry,” continuing to express their love for developing games with fellow gamers in mind.

The Behemoth wasn’t keen on sharing many Game 5 details, but eager fans can get their hands on it. Invasion of extraterrestrial hominids next month at PAX East or in March at EGX Rezzed. Until then, the suite does not have a pinned publish window.