Kingdom rush

Iron Marines is the new game from the creators of Kingdom Rush, released on September 14

Developer Ironhide Games is best known for their original tower defense hit Kingdom rush with his suite Kingdom Rush Borders and prequel Kingdom Rush origins. Now three years later Origins‘, the studio has finally unveiled its long-standing new mobile game. Iron Marines seems to take the same incredibly colorful and cartoonish style of Kingdom rush series, and transfers it from a fantasy setting to a sci-fi setting.

The Kingdom Rush series dates back to the heady days of early 2012. Back in the days when most people were still using an iPhone 4S, and tower defense games were the hottest thing. Among the many games seeking to win the crown of the tower defense genre at the time, nothing beats Kingdom rush for a pure varnish and a visual panache. Iron Marines seeks to change the formula, however, by shifting from static defendable maps of Kingdom rush to a full real-time strategy title more similar to an adorable miniature Starcraft.

For now, there is only one trailer that shows some of the gameplay of Iron Marines, but fans of previous Ironhide games won’t have to wait too long to try it out. Iron Marines will be available on Android and iOS on September 14.

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