Kingdom rush

Ironhide Games announces new “Kingdom Rush” game – TouchArcade


Good news for fans of Kingdom rush series, easily one of the most popular tower defense franchises. And Ironhide Games is set to continue the franchise, with a fourth game they are now teasing. Not a lot of detail beyond a teaser image and the “bad guys get their revenge” quote. Could that mean a game where you play as the bad guys? Very probably !

What about the other game Ironhide was working on, Iron Marines? Well, it’s been a little quiet lately, but it’s still going on! In fact, the game just entered beta about a month ago:

So, fans of Ironhide’s work should have a busy 2017 to get excited about. What is quite funny is the commentary on the Kingdom rush Fan calling Ironhide teaser page eager not to post Origins of Kingdom Rush ($ 2.99 on PC. I feel like when it comes to greed, not releasing a game on a platform isn’t really the traditional definition of greedy? I mean, unless it be eager to potentially not publish a port if it’s not supposed to get what it costs.


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