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KASIKORNBANK organizes GREEN ZERO loans to support a green society

Home » Economy » KASIKORNBANK organizes GREEN ZERO loans to support a green society February 17, 2022

KASIKORNBANK launches the GO GREEN Together project, inviting Thais to save the planet together and push for a complete green ecosystem, starting with the GREEN ZERO loan campaign, encouraging Thais to enter a green lifestyle more easily, offering comprehensive loans with special promotions including electric car loan, free ride, 0 baht installment for 90 days. In addition, offer a free promotion of 0% interest for 3 months for home loans for the installation of solar panels. and business loans for installation of solar panels and energy saving loans Apply today – June 30, 2022, hoping to be a starting point that invites everyone to love the environment and to help together to save the planet. And after that, there will be other projects that will be released continuously.

Mr. Krit Jitjang, Managing Director of Kasikorn Bank (KBANK), revealed that global warming is not a recent event. But the situation is now approaching a critical point. Of human life that has contributed to the escalation of the climate change situation. Bringing disasters and various impacts, it is time for us to work vigorously together and take immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. and help our world to survive whose global warming is a crisis that is waking up all over the world Many countries have taken steps to stem this problem, such as the EU announcing the end of sales of combustion engine cars in 2035 and preparing to collect carbon tariffs on imported products by 2023. also announced a goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2060 (AD 2060) and Thailand is also awake. The government announced Net Zero in 2065 and released special measures to subsidize and reduce import duties on electric vehicles in 2022-2025.

KASIKORNBANK believes that sustainable operations will allow the bank, customers and the country to survive and grow together. Therefore, it is determined to demonstrate sustainability responsibility in various dimensions, one of which is the environmental issue that the Bank has been doing for a long time and continues to do so. Starting with empowering you first in the management of different Bank operations such as energy efficient buildings, use of biomass, use of EV cars, use of energy efficient equipment. In addition, the bank also accompanies customers. In the past year 2021, the Bank has supported green finance for a total of 65.2 billion baht, of which 17.5 billion baht are green loans for environmentally friendly business groups, and Another 47,700 million baht is the issuance of green bonds and funds. Total Eco-Friendly (Environmental Fund)

At the same time, the Bank aims to invite all Thais to join in building a green society. This is the reason for today’s launch of the GO GREEN Together project, which is seen as the first bank to help connect and lead Thailand towards a fully integrated green ecosystem. special promotion For retail and business customers, the Bank has prepared a credit limit of 3,000 million baht, with loan details as follows:

electric vehicle loan For all car brands in the BEV (Battery-Electric-Vehicle) group, the maximum loan amount is 12 million baht, the installment period is up to 7 years, special promotion, free driving , payment of 0 baht for 90 days .

Home loan to install solar panels, including applying for a new home loan, refinancing and adding a home loan and home loans can help Special promotion, 0% interest free for 3 months
Commercial loan for installation of solar panels Maximum loan amount 100% of project value Loan term up to 8 years and energy saving credit guarantee Maximum loan amount 100% of investment, term of the loan up to 7 years, special promotion, free 0% interest for 3 months

“The credit limit set at 3,000 million baht is considered the initial limit. which, if they receive more attention, the banks are ready to support. which we hope will grow from the current loan balance of ten thousand to hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands in the future Customers interested in participating in the GREEN ZERO loan campaign can apply in any which KBank branch or customer relations supervisor. From today – June 30, 2022”