Kingdom rush

‘Kingdom Rush Vengeance+’ is this week’s new Apple Arcade release alongside big updates for Oceanhorn 2, Taiko, Grindstone, and more – TouchArcade

Ironhide’s excellent tower defense game Kingdom Rush Revenge+ () is now available on Apple Arcade as App Store Great. Kingdom Rush Revenge+ was revealed for the final game on the July 2022 Apple Arcade schedule a few weeks ago, and it just went live worldwide. If you haven’t played it through the standalone version yet, it’s definitely worth checking out on Apple Arcade. Grab it here on Apple Arcade. Watch the original Kingdom Rush Revenge trailer below:

Next to Kingdom Rush Revenge+many games have received notable updates, including some of my favorites on the service. sea ​​horn 2 is getting a huge ‘Secrets of Gaia’ update bringing two new side quests, improved radar and quest system, new game modes, improved responsiveness and much more. grinding wheel now has a new parallel dimension for the mountain with the new Cosmic Gear, a new resource to mine, new Creeps, and more. The regulars arrow explosion and SP!NG keep getting updates with the first getting 40 new levels while the second adds a new chapter for lost levels. Crayola Create & Play+ brings dinosaur crafting items, new companions, daily rewards and more today.

The latest update for this week arrived a few days ago with Taiko no Tatsujin: Pop Tap Beat bringing The Power of Love from Back to the Future, The Song of the Klonoa Windmill, and more. Check out our forum threads for the original Kingdom Rush Revenge here, Kingdom Rush Revenge+ here, SP!NG here, arrow explosion here, Taiko no Tatsujin: Pop Tap Beat here, Crayola Create & Play+ here, sea ​​horn 2 here and grinding wheel here. Be sure to head over to our dedicated Apple Arcade forum to discuss new and older versions of the service. It’s going to be interesting to see more of what’s coming to Apple Arcade as Netflix has announced that many high-profile indies and originals will be coming to its own games publishing label. What are your thoughts on the current state of Apple Arcade and the latest releases?