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Kingdom Rush: Vengeance launches on iOS and Android next month


Kingdom Rush: Vengeance – the fourth title in the Kingdom Rush franchise – will be released on iOS and Android devices on November 22. Pre-orders for the game are currently available on the App Store and Google Play, and will cost players $ 4.99.

Unlike other Kingdom Rush games, Revenge is all about the bad guys. Vez’nan, the dark wizard of the first Kingdom rush, has returned to sow terror and chaos. But this time the players will be working for Vez’nan instead of trying to stop him.

Players will be able to build 16 different towers – an improvement over each of the previous entries, eight unique towers – to take on the forces of good still on the march. But unlike previous games in which players wielded druids, elves, dwarves, and men, Revenge will configure players with Orc Strongholds and Zombie Crypts to control. Like always, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance will allow player-controlled heroes to fight alongside their allied towers.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeancethe developer of, Ironhide, was responsible for Kingdom rush, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, and Kingdom Rush: Origins. Last year the studio released its first RTS game on mobile devices, Iron Marines. Revenge will be the first Kingdom Rush game since Origins was released in 2014.

It is currently unclear whether Kingdom Rush: Vengeance will arrive on Steam, as have other Kingdom Rush games. Polygon has contacted Ironhide for further comment.


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