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Kingdom Rush Vengeance release date announced for iOS and Android


Ironhide Game Studio has announced that its popular tower defense franchise will return on November 22, 2018 when Kingdom Rush Vengeance hits iOS and Android. The first will be a paid app, while Android may only have the IAP.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance will inspire players to seemingly fight their old allies, as they engage in battles against them as well as new armies. It’s one of the few games these days where the player isn’t actually the big boss. They’ll actually be doing the “greatest dark wizard of all” tender, which is an unflattering nickname that doesn’t get many more clichés than that.

However, this shouldn’t be attributed to lazy writing, as it turns out the game doesn’t take itself too seriously, so players might run into several other wacky titles or situations during your conquest. The Greatest Dark Wizard himself is actually called Vez’nan, and players will lead his army which will apparently face a lot of challenges along the way.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance will be true to its name as the game will send the player to conquer “the new and the good old kingdom” and face several “powerful enemies” and “supreme bosses”. Ironhide is not afraid of the wacky nature of its game, as it presents it as a “classic tower defense full of humor and epic”.

The game will feature 16 towers with unique abilities and special powers and the same number of stages across three separate lands. The tower arsenal will be modifiable so that players can get the optimal loadout, while also combining them with the power of nine heroes they will have at their disposal.

Ironhide Game Studio

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

There will be over 35 enemy variants that will challenge players’ tactical prowess, as they attempt to kill the Three Kings ruling the aforementioned lands. The feature that caught our attention the most is the fact that the game will be playable offline, so if a player is annoyed by the inevitable advertisements, they can simply log out and avoid them altogether.


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