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“Legends of Kingdom Rush” and “Leo’s Fortune +” Now Available on Apple Arcade – TouchArcade


After several weeks of updates following the big redesign of Apple Arcade in early April which introduced new categories with new games like Fantastic, Wonder box, Clap Hanz Golf, a new Taiko no Tatsujin Game, World of demons of PlatinumGames, and more, two games have been added to the service. The first is the highly anticipated new turn-based RPG from Ironhide Games Legends of Kingdom Rush. The second addition is an App Store classic joining the service in the form of Leo’s fortune +. Be sure to read our review of the original. Leo’s fortune release here. If you missed last week’s Apple Arcade update, read this. Watch the Legends of Kingdom Rush trailer below:

Ironhide Kingdom rush the games are great and for the latest version players enter a fantasy world with turn based combat and roguelike elements. It looks great so far and you can download it here on Apple Arcade. If you haven’t played Leo’s fortune however, you must rectify this as soon as possible. It is one of the best platform adventure games with gorgeous visuals and level design. It joins Apple Arcade as a classic in the form of Leo’s fortune +. You can download it here on Apple Arcade. For updates, this week sees Crossy Road Castle from Hipster Whale, add a new tower of space station 115 with new levels, challenges, secrets, hats and more to discover. Beginner heroes Subtle Boom gets its first update in months, bringing a new ‘Folded Fields’ world, new enemies, dangers, achievements and more.

Check out our discussion threads for Crossy Road Castle here, Beginner heroes here, Legends of Kingdom Rush here and Leo’s fortune + here. Head over to our dedicated Apple Arcade forum to discuss the service and each game included here. Have you checked out the new updates to Apple Arcade over the past few weeks or are you still catching up with the new games added to the service with the big redesign?


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