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New Range of Labmate Online Cellulose Acetate Equipment

Scientific Cleaver presents a new range of equipment and reagents for the clinical electrophoresis of cellulose acetate.

Designed by life scientists to improve clinical testing of biological protein samples as well as qualitative identification and quantification of hemoglobin, serum protein, and lipoprotein analysis.

Cleaver Scientific offers the complete system solution for research and clinical analysis of cellulose acetate by electrophoresis with its compact, high-resolution systems.

The main range of equipment includes a horizontal unit reservoir ideal for standard membrane cellulose acetate and gel techniques accommodating strips and gels up to 24 x 20 cm, a mini horizontal unit, a power supply electrical, high quality densitometer software and scanner.

The range includes a plethora of supported and unsupported strips, ready-to-use kits, reagents, applicators, sample models; offering the possibility of carrying out comprehensive tests. The variety of accessories provided can meet your testing needs and can also be compatible with your existing equipment.

The entire range has been carefully manufactured and designed to high quality standards to meet both research and clinical routine diagnostic testing.

For more information on the new line of cellulose acetate equipment, please visit the Cleaver Scientific webpage.

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