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Nick Kristof Rejects Politics 101 – Nation Online

3. Unnamed Supreme Court nominee

Will the Republicans also boycott this vote?

First: Congratulations to the unnamed Supreme Court nominee (USCN) for doing the Surge before we even know who you are. Once you’ve made that list, everything else, including being named, is gravy. But back to the question posed: Would Republicans also consider boycotting, and therefore indefinitely delaying, the USCN vote on the Judiciary Committee? The idea was floated within days of Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement announcement, but the appetite wasn’t really there. This still isn’t. This SCOTUS pick would replace the third Democratic appointee on a Republican-appointed 6–3 court. Those are pretty low-to-the-hell stakes that Republicans would invite by skipping work to block the first black woman appointed to the Supreme Court. And unless it’s a really out-of-left-field candidate no one has heard of, Mitch McConnell would rather not rock the boat when the GOP already has all the advantages it needs for the halfway. But how could that change? Well, as you may know, Judiciary Committee senses Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley have all taken a look at the presidency. And Cruz and Hawley, in particular, are known to take positions that could help them in a GOP presidential primary at the expense of their Senate colleagues. We should expect Hawley and Cruz to call the USCN a radical communist in love with the Green New Deal that will eliminate America. Will they push for a boycott and pressure their fellow judicial Republicans not to encourage the enemy? This is how bad tactical decisions become fair litmus tests.