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Oxford High School dress code: Students create online petition

A group of Oxford High School students have created an online petition to challenge the organization dress code policy.

According to Petition change.org“…students have been advised that they cannot wear: hats, hoodies, head coverings, short shirts with exposed midriffs, short shorts and tennis skirts. Students must be covered from shoulders to mid-thigh.”

The creators of the petition claim to be from the class of 2024.

“This is outrageous for many reasons,” the petition reads. “Every student should be allowed to wear shorts, skirts, hoodies, etc. We are not asking to wear the smallest crop tops or the shortest shorts, but we just want to be comfortable during the hot summer months.

“Hardly any store sells shorts that reach mid-thigh, or even to the fingertips. We should be able to have our shoulders and legs exposed without fear of being sent home or being hung up in the air. ‘school.”

By Thursday morning, nearly 1,200 people had signed the petition.

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A group of students who posted online protesting Oxford High School's dress code.

In an email to the Clarion Ledger, Mary Kay Booker, a ninth-grader at Oxford High School, said she thinks it’s hard to focus on education while focusing on code. clothing.

“Even though I don’t have a dress code yet, I’ve seen girls walking around in the same clothes they say we can’t wear. But girls who wore the same clothes they have a code sartorial,” Booker said. “We also can’t wear tank tops because they show off our shoulders and the Oxford school district doesn’t allow it. Many students here think we’re sexualized and think the dress codes are unreasonable and stupid.”

A text string from a student about Oxford High School's dress code.

Oxford Superintendent Bradley Roberson said the policy was no different than in the past.

“The current dress code policy was established in May 2020,” Roberson said in an email. “It had a slight overhaul in 2021 for COVID face coverings.”

Roberson said he believed any violation of the dress code was enforced equally.

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“My job is to ensure that our dress code policy is fair and non-discriminatory while aligning with the core values ​​of the Oxford School District,” Roberson said.

In Mississippi, local school districts are in charge of their own dress codes and they vary from school to school, but many have some of the same qualifications as Oxford.

The Lafayette County School District dress code, which is very similar to Oxford’s, reads in part as follows:

  • Student shorts/skirts/dresses should be no shorter than four inches above the kneecap.

  • Students may not wear clothes with holes.

  • Students may not wear visible body piercings except in the ear.

  • Students may not wear tank tops, halters, spaghetti strap tops, or tops that expose the midriff. Students may not wear underwear as outerwear, and they may not wear clothing that exposes the underwear.

Petal, Madison County, Rankin County, and Clinton schools, as well as many others, all have similar policies.