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Red Dead Online Repurposes Last Year’s Halloween Pass

When Rockstar said there was no new content, they meant it.

It’s spooky cowpoke season in Red Dead Online, but players might feel a bit cheated rather than treated to learn that Rockstar is rolling out the Halloween Pass and Last Year’s Events again this year.

After over a year of very little content, Rockstar has confirmed that Red Dead Online will not receive any “major themed content updates like in previous years” in July. They keep that promise with the return of the Halloween Pass 2, which are the same 15 ranks containing the same rewards as last year. These include spooky masks, blood-covered clothing, and spooky accessories to make your cattle rustling and bounty hunting even spookier.


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There is, however, good news. People who didn’t complete last year’s Halloween Pass 2 will pick up from where they left off last year, and those who complete the pass will receive the new Hired Gun Kit, which includes the Fierro Bandana, lots of ammunition and consumables, and Capital valued at 5 gold bars. Those who already completed Halloween Pass 2 last year will automatically receive their Hired Gun Kit.

Red Dead Online is also bringing back the All Hallows’ Call to Arms event, which tasks players with defending Freeholds from waves of enemies, as well as the two Halloween-themed star series: Fear of the Dark and Dead. of the Night. All Hallows’ Call to Arms will have three new maps, including Heartland Oil Fields, Limpany, and Saint Denis Cemetery, along with three times RDO$ and XP instead of last year’s double rewards. Dead of Night and Fear of the Dark will alternate weeks in October, with Dead of Night being October 4-10 and October 18-24, while Fear of Dark is October 11-17 and October 18-24.

October also brings a new gift course. The Manhunt Bounty Hunter Free Roam event offers twice gold, RDO$ and XP. Log in weekly to get two powerful health cures per week, and play during Halloween week (October 25-31) to get two powerful snake oils, three big game meats, and 25 capitals. Participate in any All Hallows’ Call To Arms any week and earn four Gun Oil. Red Mane and Tail options for all horses are free throughout the month and provide a 50% discount for haircuts, dentistry, makeup, and hunting knife customization.

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