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Stock up on turkey for these alternative Christmas Day main dishes


Turkey, tarts, stollen and rich fruit cakes are all synonymous with Christmas. If you’re not a fan of any of these traditional Christmas flavors, the holiday season might not be as good for you as it is for everyone.

Aldi has tapped into the turkey-free market and offers a wide selection of alternatives to main meals. Their three-fish roast can be enjoyed by pescatarians, while the partridge in a Wellington pear tree feels like a luxurious alternative to regular turkey.

Here’s a range of turkey-free main dishes you might want to consider if you want to mix things up this year.

Pork treats include Aldi’s British XL Cracked Pork Thigh Joint, British Pork Roast with Stuffing, and Prime Gammon British Joint.

Aldi’s pork delicacies this year include Crackle Roast Pork and British Roast Pork with Stuffing

If you wanted to take it up a notch, you might be interested in the lavish specially selected British Black Truffle Ham Joint.

Dry-dried and roasted for ultimate tenderness, it’s topped with luxurious truffle and topped with caramelized sugar syrup for an even more special finish.

The fragrant orange adds depth to Aldi’s specially selected orange cranberry stuffed ham joint.

Orange-infused candied bacon is draped over juicy, cured meat. Uplifting citrus is carried throughout the dish as the joint is stuffed with a sweet pork, orange and cranberry stuffing – the perfect all-rounder that guests will take on board.

Duck might not be your usual choice for a main course, but Aldi has upped its duck supply to appeal to those who perhaps could turn to luxury fare.

The new, specially selected Perfect British Duck Duo features seasoned boneless duck breast and slowly cooked duck legs. Gluten-free stuffing and confit with a port and plum glaze make this a delicious main offering that easily rivals a traditional turkey.

If you’re a host who likes to have a bit of fun, you might be interested in a dish inspired by The Twelve Days of Christmas song.

Aldi’s specially selected partridge in a Wellington pear tree is not just new, but a dish that turns heads. Expect a British partridge, succulent pork and pear stuffing, and a crisp shortcrust pastry. You might just be tempted to sing along to the song while you sculpt this principal.

Aldi's Exquisite Game Box
If you’re looking for something a little different try Aldi’s Exquisite Game Box which won’t feel out of place in an episode of Downton Abbey.

If you like something different, the specially selected exquisite game box is for you.

All new and launched by Aldi this year, this is a selection of new UK games that won’t feel out of place in an episode of Downton Abbey. It’s made ahead and beautifully presented with a garnished partridge brace, a garnished pheasant brace, four delicious pheasant breasts, and two pork rolls and cranberry stuffing.

If ethical catering is on your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2022, then Aldi’s specially selected British venison joint is for you. Expect succulent venison raised naturally and ethically in the British countryside.

Christmas main course with roast beef
Aldi’s delicious beef options include an exquisite 40-day dry-aged Arthur Aberdeen Angus sirloin rib joint and a 30-day ripened rump joint wrapped in bacon

If you can’t get away from roast beef, you’ll be happy to hear that Aldi has four delicious new beef options this holiday season.

First of all, the specially selected spicy and salty crumb of prime rib seasoned with salt and pepper is a truly luxurious offering.

For a main course that will be a crowd-pleaser, the exquisite Arthur Aberdeen Angus specially selected and dry aged 40-day dry-aged sirloin joint offers a visually stunning beef centerpiece with prime rib meat full of flavor. It’s perfect for cooking over a bed of Christmas veggies and best served with classic horseradish for the ultimate enjoyment.

The truffle adds a decadent touch to the specially selected British rolled and stuffed sirloin joint that is aged for 30 days.

Its porcini and fine herb stuffing and truffle butter are those who like more punchy flavors.

Equally mature but with a hint of something extra, the Specially Selected 30 Day Matured Wrapped in Bacon Rump Rump Mixed is topped with earthy black garlic, parsley and creamy thyme butter and wrapped in smoked bacon.

Roast lamb for Aldi's Christmas main course
Lamb dishes offered by Aldi include a joint of lamb loin with stuffing, dried cranberries and a punchy mint sauce and a rack of lamb with a touch of cranberry

Lamb is one of the UK’s most popular meat dishes, which is why Aldi has offered customers a choice of three. The specially selected lamb loin roast is accompanied by a rich stuffing, dried cranberries and a punchy mint sauce that makes a lovely and delicious centerpiece.

If you like the classic with a sweet twist, try the new specially selected rack of lamb. This is a juicy rack of lamb with a sweet frosting with a touch of tangy cranberry and hints of fresh mint.

For a great British favorite straight from the English Westcountry, the specially selected West Country Leg of Lamb is a succulent meat ideal for a Christmas main course and gorgeous with a touch of rosemary to taste.

Aldi three fish roast
Aldi’s Three Fish Roast is Perfect for Pescatarians

If game and larger meat really isn’t your thing, Aldi’s fish main course is the perfect option for Pescatarians. The specially selected three fish roast features Scottish salmon, rainbow trout and succulent smoked haddock, filled with rich cheddar cheese and a caramelized leek filling.

All of these dishes are now available in Aldi stores.

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