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Take Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD and Galaga Wars + in Apple Arcade now

Apple Arcade subscribers have two new games to check out today with Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD and Galaga Wars +, both now in the App Store. Both games are free downloads for Apple Arcade subscribers and are completely free with no ads or in-app purchases, the best part about Apple Arcade games! Kingdom Rush Frontiers […]

Kingdom rush

Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD + coming soon to Apple Arcade

Ironhide Games is bringing its popular tower defense game Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD to Apple Arcade, making it the latest game to receive the “+” treatment. This treatment has become a common thing for Apple Arcade subscribers. Games that are already in the App Store are being reworked to remove in-app purchases and ads before […]

Kingdom rush

RPG title Legends of Kingdom Rush now available via Apple Arcade

There is a new RPG for Apple Arcade fans to download in the form of Legends of Kingdom Rush. The title is free to download as long as you subscribe to Apple Arcade and it can be played on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac. The game features five “legendary heroes” that players can play […]

Kingdom rush

RPG title Legends of Kingdom Rush arrives on Apple Arcade this Friday

Apple Arcade will receive a new RPG later this week with Legends of Kingdom Rush arriving on Friday, June 11. The game also features roguelike elements according to Ironhide, the people behind it. Promising “strategic grid-based combat”, the title features over 100 storytelling events for you to enjoy as you weave your way through “lush […]

Kingdom rush

Legends of Kingdom Rush hits Apple Arcade on June 11

Go on an epic adventure in Legends of Kingdom Rush on Apple Arcade.Photo: Ironhide The popular Kingdom rush the game is restarted as a medieval fantasy RPG with a storyline. Legends of Kingdom Rush arrives June 11 exclusively on Apple Arcade for iPhone, Mac and more. Choose your heroes to fight the creeps and save […]


Developer uses Islandwood project to put Canabalt on Windows

Canabalt is a side-shift survival iPhone game. Canabalt Developer David Burela moved “Canabalt”, a popular game for iPhone and iPad, on Windows using Project Islandwood, one of Microsoft’s tools for moving applications to Windows with minimal effort. In a blog post, Burela describes Islandwood as a “great tool” and demonstrates how quick and easy it […]

Kingdom rush

“Kingdom Rush Origins” Review – Maybe the third time is not the charm? – TouchArcade

The Kingdom rush The (free) series has been one of the more popular tower defense franchises, and that’s in part thanks to its introduction of action and RTS elements with the summonable reinforcements and hero units that can be dispatched. on the battlefield to help take care of any threats. It makes this genre feel […]

Kingdom rush

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is full of secrets, geek references and a deep and addictive strategy (review)

Join the leaders of online gaming at GamesBeat Summit Next on November 9-10. Learn more about what comes next. Whenever I mention Kingdom Rush – say, via social media – someone usually responds with some sort of reverence for the tower defense game. People just seem love this. Need more proof than a few remarks […]