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Taiwan is studying the war in Ukraine for its own combat strategy with China

TaiwanRussia’s military strategists study the Russian invasion of Ukraineand the resistance of the country, for the island own battle strategy in case its giant neighbor China never carries out his threat to take them by force.

While TaiwanThe government reported no unusual activity by the military in Chinawho considers the island as his own territory, Taipei has raised its alert level.

Russia’s use of precision missiles, as well as Ukrainetactically well thought out through the resistance despite being understaffed and outgunned, are watched carefully in security circles in Taiwanwhose own the forces are also dwarfed by China‘s.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen championed the idea of ​​” warfare”, to make its forces more mobile and difficult to attack, for example with on-board missiles.

Ma Cheng-Kun, director of the University Institute of China military affairs Studies at Taiwanfrom the National Defense University, said Ukraine had used the same concept with mobile weapons to thwart Russian forces.

Ukrainethe army made full use of the asymmetry warprice, very effectively, and so far has been successful in halting Russia’s advance,” added Ma, a government adviser on China Politics.

“That’s exactly what our armed forces have proactively developed,” he said, pointing to weapons such as the lightweight, locally developed Kestrel anti-armour rocket designed for close combat. warrate.

“From Ukraineperformance, we can be even more confident in our own.”

Taiwan has developed other missiles that can reach far into China.

Last week, the Ministry of Defense said it plans to more than double its annual missile production capacity to nearly 500 this year, including the upgraded version of the Hsiung Feng IIE missile, the land attack missile Hsiung Sheng at longer range, according to military experts. is able to hit targets further inland China. Read the full story

TaiwanThe Ministry of Defense says it has a “close grasp” of the international security situation and is working hard to “constantly improve its armaments and national defense combat capability” but that the army is not “not provocative”.


There are, however, major differences between Taiwan and Ukrainepositions that reassured.

TaiwanThe government has repeatedly emphasized, for example, the natural barrier of Taiwan Strait that separates it from China. Ukraine has a long land border with Russia.

strategists say Taiwan can also easily detect signs of Chinese military movements and prepare for an invasion in which China would need to mobilize hundreds of thousands of troops and equipment like ships, which could be easily targeted by Taiwanthese missiles.

put boots on the ground China would have to cross the strait, “so it’s a much higher risk” for Chinasaid Su Tzu-yun, associate researcher at TaiwanCanada’s leading military think tank, the Institute for National Defense and Security Research.

It’s not just about hardware.

In the background looms the eternal debate – redirected by the Ukraine war – on the question of whether the American forces would rise to Taiwanaid in the event of a Chinese attack. Washington practices “strategic ambiguity” on the subject, giving no clear answer one way or the other.

Lo Chih-cheng, a senior lawmaker from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party who sits on parliament’s defense and foreign affairs committee, said the Biden administration sent a team of former senior officials to Taiwan last week shortly after Ukraine was invaded should dispel the idea that the United States should not be relied upon.

“At that time he sent a message across the strait, to Taiwan‘s people, that the United States is a trustworthy country,” he told a party podcast on Tuesday.

Taiwana major producer of semiconductors, hopes its geographic importance and supply chain differentiates it from Ukraine.

But the Biden administration has repeatedly ruled out sending troops to Ukraine caused discomfort to some Taiwan.

“Are people in Taiwan do you really think now that the West and the United States will always come to save us? said Chao Chien-min, former deputy director of Taiwanof the Continental Affairs Council now at Taiwanfrom Chinese Culture University. – Reuters