Alien hominid

The alien hominid invasion is just as chaotic as the original | PAX East 2020 Gameplay

One of the perks of discovering new games at PAX East 2020 is being able to play the game alongside the real developers. This was the case with Alien Hominid Invasion, a sequel to the 2004 indie run-and-gun cult classic Alien Hominid. In fact, suite is not the right word. Dan Paladin, co-creator of the original game, sees it more as a reimagining, but even that isn’t exactly the best description.

Both are run-and-gun co-op games starring tiny, violent aliens, but Invasion offers a lot more freedom than its predecessor. Where the first game stuck you on an individual screen until you took out your enemies, Invasion lets you freely explore each procedurally generated stage, moving in all directions. Your alien friends are much more mobile – they can do double jumps, dodge barrels, and dive through the air to jump around and onto enemies.

Procedural generation is a big part of Invasion; Paladin wants every race to be different. The world map lets you choose your path forward, with a variety of levels designed around the suburbs, skyscrapers, moving trains, and more. Modifiers like endless spawning enemy hordes and better loot are also visible when choosing which stage to attack next.

This is another key difference in Invasion: a loot system. A variety of guns, passive abilities, and decorative hats can be obtained at random while completing the objectives of each level. If you make your way to a loot drop point on the world map, all of these goodies are yours. But if you die, it’s all gone.

The objectives in the levels themselves range from collecting information on fallen enemies, finding missing items and, of course, big boss battles. Our demo featured the fierce flying Megabot, which you can see in the gameplay video above. Paladin also teased that some familiar faces could make a return as boss fights.

Alien Hominid Invasion has no release date set. Developer The Behemoth will launch the game on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, with the possibility of “other platforms” after that.

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