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The Behemoth’s Game 5 is Alien Hominid Invasion – Destructoid

“Very different” from the original

On a live broadcast tonight, The Behemoth announced Game 5, and I’m pleasantly surprised. The team behind Castle crashers and BattleBlock Theater goes back to its roots.

The studio worked on Invasion of alien hominids during the “last 15 months or so”. It’s not a “remaster” or “remake,” and it has solo and co-op support, but that’s all we’ve learned from the stream.

Rest assured, the YouTube trailer summary is calling Invasion an “arcade shooter”, so he won’t be unrecognizable. The Behemoth also added a bit more about the project on Twitter, writing: “This reinvention of Alien Hominid HD will feature new gameplay, progression, mechanics and more.

Players will have their first hands-on opportunity in a few weeks at PAX East 2020 in Boston.

People are going to be upset that the Behemoth went with it Invasion of alien hominids more Castle Crashers 2, but it’s been 15 years. I can see why Dan Paladin et co. would like to go back. Extraterrestrial hominid rules.

The creators avoided sequels, so I’m sure they had a good reason to come back.

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