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This month on Apple Arcade: “Legends of Kingdom Rush”, “Game Dev Story +”, “Frenzic: Overtime”, “INKS. +” And “Leo’s Fortune +”


This month, “Legends of Kingdom Rush,” “Game Dev Story +,” “Frenzic: Overtime,” “INKS. +” And “Leo’s Fortune +” arrived on Apple Arcade, joining the expanding library of nearly 200 games. already available exclusively from Apple. – mobile game based subscription service.

While there had been no new games in May, in April ‌Apple Arcade‌ won over 30 games, including a large number of classic titles such as “Cut the Rope Remastered”, “Monument Valley”, ” Mini Metro, “” Fruit Ninja Classic, “and more, as well as originals such as” Fantasian, “from the creator of the Final Fantasy series. In June, five new games joined the platform in the strategy, simulation, puzzle, casual and action genres.

June 11: Legends of Kingdom Rush

The first game to hit ‌Apple Arcade‌ this month was Legends of Kingdom Rush, a turn-based combat strategy game set in a medieval fantasy world.

Legends of Kingdom Rush urges players to lead a party of heroes to stop an attacker using an easy-to-learn combat system. The game features unlockable characters, including five legendary heroes and 11 companion heroes, each with different characteristics. There are over 100 storytelling events as players weave their way through lush forests, rugged mountains, and devastated wasteland.

Players strategically move their heroes on a hex grid to best suit their skills and the wider combat tactics, and there is the ability to change and match heroes and companions to make a perfect match. for every battle.

June 17: Game Development Story +

Game Dev Story + is a classic simulation game that allows gamers to run their own video game business while trying to make a successful game.

game dev story apple arcade
In the simulation, gamers can develop their company’s own game console, change staff positions, hire new people to work as a programmer or sound engineer, and train them to develop their skills. As staff gain experience, they unlock a wider range of game genres and content to develop. Players can try to find the most popular combinations and develop for the latest platforms for the best chance of success.

June 18: Frantic: overtime

Frenzic: Overtime is an original ‌Apple Arcade‌ puzzle game, featuring fast-paced gameplay, multiple game modes, and the ability to play in landscape or portrait mode.

frantic overtime apple arcade

Life in the Frenzic Industries factory can be a bit chaotic as players assemble the Power Cores for the new ZAPBOTs. As players reach their timely shift goals, they will be promoted to more rewarding positions on the assembly line. Players will face over 45 levels, multiple game modes, and hundreds of mini-objectives as they uncover the secrets of Frenzic Industries and ultimately save the world.

The game features over 45 levels, hundreds of mini-objectives, tips and strategy advice from an in-game InfoBot, power-ups to boost your abilities, and more.

June 25: INKS. + and Leo’s fortune +

The latest games of this month are INKS. + And Leo’s Fortune +, two fan-favorite games that have joined the growing selection of classic Apple Arcade content.

INKS. + Is an award-winning new take on the classic pinball game, combining pinball with tactical challenges, while allowing players to see the colors burst as the ball crashes around the canvas, building up in vivid layers and recording a visual history of your game by perfecting your score.

INKS. + Features over 100 unique tables, balanced gameplay, webs that tell the story of your individual games, and the ability to share your favorite levels and high scores.

Leo’s Fortune + is another classic iOS game, delivering a platform adventure game where players seek to hunt down the mysterious thief who stole their gold by following a trail. Players must navigate mossy forests, barren deserts, pirate towns, and snow-capped mountains while surviving traps and solving physics-based puzzles across 24 levels.

It looks like Leo’s Fortune officially launches today, but it may have been available to some users a few weeks ago on June 11.

Future: Lonely stories

Five games are expected to hit Apple Arcade soon, including “Angry Birds Reloaded”, “Doodle God Universe”, “Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City” and “Jetpack Joyride +”. “Solitaire Stories” is the first game to arrive next month, due July 2nd.

Legends of Kingdom Rush, Game Dev Story +, Frenzic: Overtime, INKS. + And Leo’s Fortune + are now available on the App Store. Keep an eye out for the whole month of July for more new games.

‌Apple Arcade‌ is priced at $ 4.99 per month with a one-month free trial available to test it out. Apple also has a one-year subscription option available for $ 49.99 per year, a savings of $ 9.89 over the monthly price, and it’s also available in all levels of Apple One, starting of $ 14.95 per month.