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Konami brought their wacky Japanese reaction game Tomena Sanner to the iPhone last week. The game that was originally published for mobile phones in Japan made the trip to the United States. In fact, Konami plans to bring the title to WiWare in the first quarter of 2010.

IPhone / iPod Touch owners were greeted with the title early last week at just $ 1.99. The game is more succinctly described as Canabalt meets a Japanese game show.

Businessman Hitoshi Susumu is late and in quite a hurry. In fact, he won’t stop once he starts running! Passing past samurai, T-Rex, cowboys, and all manner of wacky obstacles, Mr. Susumu must reach the goal as fast as he can for the ultimate 2D dance party.

A tap is all that is needed when approaching objects. Just press and depending on your timing, it will be noted as “Miss”, “Good” or “Great” and each result comes with its own wacky animation. You will find yourself walking on the moon, dancing, jumping, kicking and more. more in this reaction game.

There are 9 levels with different environments, obstacles, animations and text comments. And each level seems to have a surprising amount of variety and depth. There are special moves that can be triggered, although I still haven’t figured out the rhyme or the reason. Power-ups and power-downs are also available in each level. There is indeed a Lost in translation feeling of disorientation to gambling which is perhaps a big part of its appeal.

Get to the end of a level, and you’ve arrived at your dance party and hit a short piece of music at the end. All of this is demonstrated in the video:

There are a few shortcomings in the game, however, once you get past the absolutely wacky and disorienting gameplay. The timing of the taps seems “incorrect” and is difficult to perform consistently. The gameplay may be more complex than I think, but it can be off-putting when you first start playing. Also, high scores are only local and it’s hard to tell how well or poorly you did. Some sort of scoring system would also be nice. really are.

We discussed this game on our next podcast and the reactions were generally mixed, although I enjoyed exploring the various content and comments which made it possible for me to play the game.

App Store link: Tomena Sanner, $ 1.99


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