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Tower Defense Kingdom Rush Vengeance game announced


Uruguayan developers Ironhide Studios have announced the fourth and final entry in their hit tower defense series Kingdom Rush.

In Kingdom Rush Vengeance, the big bad from previous games Vez’nan returns and his dark army rises again to attack the Kingdom.

Kingdom Rush was first released in 2011 as an online flash game and has been ported to mobile devices and later to Steam. From there, it engendered two sequelae; Kingdom Rush Frontier in 2013 and Kingdom Rush Origins in 2014. The series consists of tower defense games where the player sets up different classes of towers to destroy the hordes of oncoming invaders.

While little information was shown about the game beyond the trailer, the games website tagline states that “Join Vez’nan’s army!” “. This means the player could join the Dark Side for this entry, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

Despite its cute cartoon art style, the games are known for their surprising depth. They often start out fairly easy, but will gradually throw at you a greater variety of enemies with different strengths and weaknesses that you will need to strategically work around.

So far, no release date has been announced beyond the game’s “coming soon”. We were also not made aware of which platforms it will be released on, but judging from previous entries, it will likely be available on mobile devices and possibly Steam.

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