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Why GTA Online Players Should Consider Buying The RC Tank

RC tanks are often thought of as vehicles that players in GTA Online only use for fun and to annoy other players. But there is a truly unique and useful RC vehicle: the Invade and Persuade RC Tank.

Although the majority of other tanks can be better used by players, Invade and Persuade RC Tank still have some really cool features that players might find very handy.

This is the only Tank-class RC vehicle that players can purchase and this article will provide some reasons why GTA Online players should consider getting this tank.

Reasons Players Should Get Invade and Persuade RC Tank in GTA Online

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After taking control of the tank in GTA Online, the player will disappear from the Freemode lobby. When the player leaves control of the tank, either by choice or because the tank is destroyed, they will respawn in the lobby near where they first took control.

The vehicle has mixed properties between the RC Bandito and full-size tanks: it accelerates quite quickly and corners reasonably well.

Due to its small size and thin profile, the car can fit through doors and into areas inaccessible to other vehicles (although some interiors automatically cause it to be destroyed).

The RC Tank, like the Rhino Tank and the Khanjali, can easily run over people and other players, and if it drives too long, it may run over them. Overall, the vehicle is best suited to stable pavement and is better equipped to fight in enclosed areas.

Special Abilities

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The vehicle has a Power Hop function that allows it to jump. The vertical height gain is significantly greater than the RC Bandito, allowing it to scale tiny barriers and walls with ease, as well as reach the tops of short buildings like suburban homes.

The RC Tank also remains invisible on the map, giving enemy players a hard time locating it.


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Despite its small size, the RC tank is able to withstand many direct missile blasts and is virtually unscathed from normal gunfire. Similar to tanks and APCs, when the vehicle is badly damaged, a beep can be heard to signal the situation.


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The vehicle is equipped with a small turret that functions similarly to tanks, with a rapid rotation and elevation rate similar to that of the APC’s stock gun.

GTA Online players can further customize the tank and upgrade the weapons by adding a flamethrower, which has a very short effective range but is deadly against unarmored players and NPCs. It can also burn cars in a reasonable amount of time.

Players can also add Charged Rockets which act like normal Rocket Launchers in-game. Shock” of Arena vehicles, with a significantly higher rate of fire and total damage than the base gun.

All of these features come together to make the Invaded and Persuade RC Tank quite a fun and useful vehicle for GTA Online players.

Note: This article reflects the subjective opinion of the author.

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